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The Whole Being, LLC


Treatment is the first step to becoming whole and satisfied with your life. Through a natural process of exploration and discovery we will develop an understanding of the challenges you're confronting as well as develop a therapeutic relationship together, that allows you to enjoy the quality of life that you strive to achieve.​


The Whole Being conducts psychotherapy on an as needed basis.  We work with people of all ages and are committed to working with you to becoming whole and happy.

The Whole Being is also proud to now offer a new and dramatic evolution in Mental Health Care.


The recent re-discovery and re-emerging of psychedelics has offered a number of promising medical benefits for patients suffering from mental health conditions. 


The most prominent research developments have been in the use of MDMA, cannabis, ketamine, psilocybin, and ayahuasca.


Our practice will focus on the administration of Ketamine to facilitate a deeper understanding of self.




Ketamine is a medication that was originally created for starting and maintaining anesthesia. However, ketamine also has major therapeutic benefits when used in a clinical setting, with research showing clear benefits for depression and suicidal thoughts. 


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) can be helpful for helping people explore and process challenging emotional injuries, and it can produce new insights and perspectives surrounding these pain points. With the guidance of a trained therapist, KAP can aid clients in addressing thought processes which hold them back from developing new, healthier ones allowing them to move forward with their lives as happier and healthier individuals.


At the Whole Being we serve the needs of individuals of all ages, as well as groups, veterans and their families as well as private and public sector organizations - start your journey to be heard, healthy and whole. 

Our Corporate Partners include:


Corey Allen, LCSW

Corey Allen of Fairfield, is a licensed psycho analytic therapist certified by the the IFS Institute of Israel and MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) a contractor and the owner of The Whole Being, LLC. in Fairfield, CT.


She has served as the Clinical Director of Operation Hope of Fairfield and has spoken on the Governors panel addressing housing and homelessness. She has been employed at Norwalk Community Health Center as both a consultant and clinician including serving the community on the Medical Mobil Unit.


As a program coordinator at the Center for Family Justice she worked with survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault while facilitating groups at York Correctional Institute earning the Mayor’s Advocate of the Year Award.


She has developed and conducted trainings around the state such as Yale University of Nursing, the Girls Symposium and Mid Fairfield Aids Project and more. She is also a member of Board of Directors at The Kennedy Collective, and the Behavorial Health Consultant for the Hunt Ridge Montessori School.


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